AUTHOR: James Hartig

Advanced Adblock Analytics with Automated Revenue Recovery


Microservice Discovery

At Leven Labs, we're all about microservices, but something that wasn't immediately apparent to us was how to easily communicate between them.

We had 3 basic requirements:

  • Freely spin up services on demand
  • Quickly recover from failure
  • Simple development environment (inside vagrant)


Hard-coding addresses and ports in our services wasn't an option since we'd have to redeploy whenever we want to change or add servers. We decided to use SkyDNS, which sits above the etcd key-value store and provides an easy way to do service discovery. SkyDNS exposes a REST API that lets you add and remove SRV-type DNS records that contain a host, port, priority, and weight.

Sounds perfect! Whenever a service starts up, it will make a

Starting your Startup

I'm not a lawyer and some of these steps may differ for your state. Team Communication Before you start the incorporation process you should get with your team and decide what tools you will use to communicate. We decided to go with Slack because our team was already familiar with it and it is free. We also bought a domain and set up a Google Apps account which is $5/month/user for hosted email, docs,…