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Admiral Endorses Google Adblock Best Practices With Launch of Engage Upgrades

New York, NY, June 6, 2017 - Adblock revenue recovery specialists Admiral has launched the next release of their visitor engagement module Engage, with the goal of empowering publishers with even more creative options to engage adblock users and recover lost revenue.

These new product features parallel recently published Coalition for Better Ads research from Google and supports their guidance to DFP publishers that; “There are many ways to work with people who block ads on your site, and they all start with engaging with them directly.”

Already the industry’s Gold Standard in permission-based revenue recovery, Admiral Engage provides a DMCA-based access control platform that offers the industry’s most configurable approach to growing visitor relationships and recovering adblocked

LEAN Ads: The IAB's Best Practices for Digital Advertisers and Publishers

To adblock or not to adblock? More and more internet users are answering this question with a resounding “yes.” Of course, you know that adblocking can threaten your revenue and prevent you from providing quality content free of charge. Unfortunately, your readers are more concerned with slow websites, malware, and intrusive ads.

In the fall of 2016, Anatomy Media released a study that stated 2/3 of young millennials (age 18-24) use adblockers on at least one device. 43% of these said they did so to avoid intrusive ads, and a whopping 63% confirmed that video ads that play automatically were their main reason for using ad blockers. It suggests that negative user experience is a driving factor in pushing

The State of Adblocking: With Admiral CEO Dan Rua

May 31st, 2017 - The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted by and originally published on The State of Digital Publishing.

What was the internet like before the introduction of adblockers?

The internet used to foster a symbiotic & sustainable relationship between content creators, publishers, and consumers; spawning many of the free websites that are household names today such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitch plus millions of blogs, forums and outlets for individuals to have a voice in the world. Much of that still exists since the launch of adblockers but the sustainability of the free internet is at risk.

How would a publisher determine whether a user has ad blocking enabled and if so what is

Admiral Wins At 10th Annual Florida Venture Early Stage Capital Conference

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - This past weekend, Admiral ( joined hundreds of tech start-ups and investors in Orlando, FL, for the 10th Annual Florida Early Stage Capital Conference. The highlight of the event saw Admiral, alongside SiteZeus and Auxadyne, as one of 3 companies awarded the prestigious Accelerating Innovation Award out of a field of 100+ entrants (narrowed down to 22 presenters). Winners were selected by a panel of venture capital investors, and awards included a total of $150,000 in prize money.

"Our field of early stage technology companies was exceptional this year, yet Admiral really stood out," said Pat Schneider, Vice President Florida Venture Forum. "We like companies addressing large, worldwide problems and

Google Chrome Adblocker? What Publishers Need to Know

In recent days, major press outlets, including WSJ, TechCrunch, and Engadget, have reported on rumors that a future version of Google’s Chrome browser may include a built-in adblocker. As Chrome commands 51% of the browser market, our publishing partners have naturally expressed concern over what this means for their ad driven businesses. As your 24/7 adblock experts, here’s Admiral’s take on it:

1) The rumored feature is widely being called an “adblocker,” though technically, a “bad ads filter” is more accurate. By contrast, true 3rd-party adblockers block ALL ads, in addition to calls being made for analytics and tracking purposes. It’s our opinion that a blurring of this distinction by the press could accelerate blocker