Advanced Adblock Analytics with Automated Revenue Recovery


Admiral Unveils Universal Consent Management Platform (CMP) That Works With Both IAB and Non-IAB Vendors

Admiral’s Consent Module helps publishers achieve compliance, manage consent, and activate revenue recovery post-GDPR

New York, N.Y. May 24th, 2018 - Admiral announced today that the company will make its CMP+ (Consent Management Platform) available for all publishers looking for a CMP solution that delivers more than just consent management. Previously only available to select publishers and networks, Admiral’s Consent module is designed to help publishers achieve GDPR compliance, protect visitor privacy and integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing revenue recovery tools to grow revenue post-GDPR.

Admiral Consent is the first blocker-aware CMP and one of few available designed under the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework that can manage both IAB and non-IAB vendors alike