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DMCA, Easylist, Adblock, Copyright Access Control & Admiral: 10 Things To Know

Admiral asked Easylist to remove functionalclam[.]com from their filters and here’s why:

  1. functionalclam[.]com is not an adserver.

  2. That domain is part of the DMCA copyright access control platform Admiral provides publishers so they can engage visitors in a transparent way on the value exchange for their copyrighted content, instead of resorting to surprise ad reinsertion the way some of our competitors advocate but visitors and advertisers dislike.

  3. Circumventing a publisher’s paywall or copyright access control technology is not OK and we don’t believe it’s core to the mission of AdBlock Plus and EasyList.

  4. We’ve shared this with EasyList and ABP through multiple direct communications over the past year.

  5. We asked them 24 days

Starting your Startup

I'm not a lawyer and some of these steps may differ for your state. Team Communication Before you start the incorporation process you should get with your team and decide what tools you will use to communicate. We decided to go with Slack because our team was already familiar with it and it is free. We also bought a domain and set up a Google Apps account which is $5/month/user for hosted email, docs,…