Adblock Alert: MSN, CNET, Edmunds, OrlandoSentinel & Other Sites Broken by Adblockers

This is an adblock alert for November 9, 2017.

A single commit to EasyList this morning broke a mix of national and regional sites, making their homepages look like it's 1999.  ​

MSN broken by adblockers

​Commits to EasyList are the way that new filters get added to block calls or elements by tens of millions of adblockers worldwide. Today's commit appears to have targeted multiple sites and elements that ultimately led to complete site disruption.


Edmunds broken by adblockers

​It's unusual for an element-based block to cause this much havoc, but the issue may relate to a CDN used by affected sites having problems dealing with the block.  Commits to EasyList like this are typically distributed to worldwide adblockers over time, so the largest impacts to users and publishers may still be coming.


​Orlando Sentinel broken:


The following sites appear to be impacted:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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