Admiral Launches Adblock Solution For Cloudflare Publishers

New York, NY 6/29/17 - Thanks to the Cloudflare Apps Platform that launched this week, Admiral is now one-click away from installation for Cloudflare's 6 million+ website customers.

Adblock revenue recovery specialists Admiral joined select companies including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify as one of the inaugural developers featured within the new Cloudflare Apps Platform. Admiral’s app provides free adblock analytics plus revenue recovery for Cloudflare’s worldwide network of publishers.

Cloudflare Apps allows third parties to develop applications that can be delivered across the CDN/DNS provider’s edge to any of its millions of customers. The new platform allows websites and publishers to access and install these applications free of charge. In tandem with the launch of the Cloudflare Apps Platform, the company announced a $100 million “Developers Fund” to support the platform’s most innovative apps.

"Until now, only Cloudflare's own team could develop applications that take advantage of its scale," the company says. "The Cloudflare Apps platform opens Cloudflare's network to third-party developers. The Cloudflare Developer Fund helps finance applications built on the Apps Platform from investors who understand the scale and reach of Cloudflare."

Admiral’s Cloudflare app allows publishers to quickly install and test the industry’s most advanced adblock analytics platform — Measure — for free. Admiral’s Measure module helps publishers detect adblock users and accurately determine blocked impressions and corresponding revenue loss — the first step towards creating an effective engagement and recovery strategy. Admiral Engage, Recover and Transact modules then recover lost revenue for publishers from the same Cloudflare-enabled installation.

According to Admiral Co-founder and Engineer, James Hartig; “Integrating Admiral into Cloudflare’s new Apps platform was a seamless experience. Installation is a part of the onboarding process we'd like to accelerate, as it can extend sales cycles for some clients with limited development resources or technical savvy. The driving concept behind Cloudflare Apps is great, as it makes it even easier for Cloudflare’s massive publisher base to access and incorporate vital technology like Admiral”.


Admiral is the industry’s most advanced analytics and revenue recovery platform to help premier digital publishers detect adblock users, size their adblocking challenges, recover lost ad revenue, and strengthen relationships with their audiences. Admiral’s Measure module is free for publishers to size revenue losses down to the impression and dollar. Admiral’s Engage, Recover, and Transact modules are available with a performance-priced guarantee: publishers only pay when revenue is recovered. Admiral's simple one-tag install provides the dashboards and tools for additional publisher value, such as paywall services, grow paid subscriptions, email and social list growth, and data privacy consent via registered and compliant CMP. Interested publishers and partners are encouraged to request a demo today.

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