Extended Compliance Deadlines for IAB's GPP and TCF 2.2

Don Don | October 09, 2023 | data privacy, publishing industry news

In the ever-evolving landscape of online privacy regulations and consent management, staying up to date with compliance standards is crucial for publishers and businesses. Two significant developments have occurred recently, affecting the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) and the Transparency and Consent Framework 2.2 (TCF 2.2) implementation deadlines. To ensure you are well-prepared, let's dive into these extensions and understand why getting ready for GPP early is paramount.

1. TCF 2.2 Implementation Deadline Extended

The initial deadline for implementing TCF 2.2 was set for September 30th, 2023. However, IAB Europe has decided to grant publishers an extension, moving the deadline to November 20th, 2023. This extension offers publishers some additional time to align their operations with the new standards.

For those not familiar with TCF 2.2, it's a framework that allows publishers to gather user consent for data processing, providing transparency and compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR. By embracing TCF 2.2, publishers can build trust with their users and ensure that their data handling practices adhere to legal requirements.

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2. US Privacy Signal Extended Until January 31, 2024

The second major extension concerns the US Privacy signal and IAB's Global Privacy Platform (GPP). IAB Tech Lab, in response to feedback from various stakeholders, has decided to extend support for the US Privacy signal until January 31, 2024. This extension goes beyond the previously set deprecation deadline of September 30, 2023.

The US Privacy signal is a key component of privacy compliance for businesses operating in the United States. By extending its support, IAB Tech Lab provides businesses with a more extended grace period to transition smoothly to updated privacy signaling frameworks.

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Why Early Adoption of GPP Matters


1. The Growing Importance of State Privacy Laws

The ever-increasing number of state privacy laws is a significant driver for businesses to adopt updated privacy signaling frameworks like GPP. In 2023 alone, five US states have introduced or fully enacted privacy laws:

These new state privacy laws introduce unique requirements and signals that are not supported by the legacy US Privacy signal. However, GPP is designed to accommodate these new state signals, making it a versatile solution for businesses operating across different jurisdictions.

2. Avoid Last-Minute Compliance Rush

While IAB Tech Lab has generously extended support for the US Privacy signal until January 31, 2024, it's highly recommended not to wait until the last moment. Early adoption of GPP allows you to proactively align your privacy practices with the evolving regulatory landscape.

By getting ahead of the curve, you reduce the risk of compliance-related disruptions and ensure a seamless transition to the new privacy signaling standards. It also demonstrates your commitment to visitor privacy and data protection, which can enhance your brand's reputation and trustworthiness among consumers.

3. Comprehensive Compliance

GPP isn't just about ticking a compliance box; it's about embracing a comprehensive privacy framework that enables you to navigate the complex web of privacy regulations effectively. It provides the tools and resources necessary to collect, manage, and respond to user consent preferences, ensuring you meet the highest standards of privacy compliance.


In conclusion, staying compliant with privacy regulations is an ongoing effort, and the recent extensions of TCF 2.2 and the US Privacy Signal underscore the need for businesses to stay agile and proactive. As the landscape continues to evolve with the introduction of new state privacy laws, adopting the Global Privacy Platform early is not just a compliance requirement; it's a strategic move to safeguard your business's future and build trust with your users. So, don't miss these extended deadlines—prepare for GPP and TCF 2.2 now to thrive in the privacy-conscious digital age.

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