5 Steps to Launching a Subscription Offer - Webinar

Preparing for and launching a paywall and content subscription offer was the subject of a recent Lunch n Learn webinar, presented by Admiral's Bryan Tobin, Director of Customer Love, and Michael Yeon, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Admiral’s Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) platform does the heavy lifting so publishers can launch one, or many, content subscription options. Features the platform handles include managing subscription registration, handling passwords, paywall creation tool, detecting returning subscribers, processing ongoing payments, and tools for testing out creative and pricing strategies.

Technically, getting started can be a snap with Admiral’s one-tag approach, self-help tools, and eager Customer Love team, but publishers should review best practices and considerations to determine the best approach for their audience and business objectives.



What you will find in this webinar:


A brief overview of the Admiral VRM platform - 
What it can do for publishers across subs, email list growth, consent management, and more. A brief discussion of industry trends that have created a perfect storm for publishers.

Survey data
Admiral taps their massive database of visitor survey responses to share findings that demonstrate user support for the content subscription model.

Five Key Steps to Offer Subscriptions -
An overview of  these 5 steps in the subscription offer process, and then elaboration and examples for each category, sharing nuggets of wisdom and findings from customer engagements.

  1. Leveraging existing visitor data
  2. Segmenting content and features
  3. Price testing segments of your audience
  4. Surveying early adopting subscribers
  5. Building on the idea of community

Throughout the webinar, Bryan shares screen shots from within the subscription management process, and examples of visitor engagement tools, tips on how to deliver your message and offer, and special considerations for certain audiences or circumstances.

Review of the Audience Awareness Cycle -
Discussion of user engagement, and how the 5 steps above can be mapped to audience awareness. Publishers are encouraged to review their “visitor relationship toolkit” and assess their readiness to engage visitors and build sustainable subscription revenues.

The webinar winds up with some Q & A, answering popular questions such as:

  1. How do I know if my content is a fit for a subscription offering?
  2. If I only had time to implement one of the 5 steps, where should I start?
  3. For mid-tier publishers, what would be the average weekly subscription rate?

You can also view or share the paywall and subscription webinar here.

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