Google to Discontinue Surveys and Surveys 360 Products

Don Don | September 21, 2022 | publishing industry news

Google is sunsetting their Surveys and Surveys 360 products as of November 1.

Any surveys still active on that date will field responses until completion where possible. You will be able to download historical data until Dec 1, 2022

Users will have until Dec. 1, 2022, to download any results from surveys active as of Nov. 1. Some surveys may continue to field responses, up to the Dec 1st date.

Google's Surveys launched 10 years ago, as a market research tool. Google is still open to finding ways to support users by bringing market research together, but not via the current Surveys approach.

The Google Surveys platform was intended as a way for marketers to access and even reward millions of consumers via Google's network reach, with surveys that could inform marketers' product and advertising strategies. Researchers would pay to run surveys, and Surveys would pay publishers to run surveys on their sites, reaching consumers via mobile devices. For more about how the system worked, read this Surveys whitepaper.

Survey users can download their historical data with the contact form

Redditors and users of Google Surveys suggest the product was just not profitable for Google, and that Google has recently been in a cost-cutting mode.



Why is Surveys being sunset?

Google states that the current implementation of Surveys is not the best approach to delivering market research. The Google Surveys team will be exploring new ways to facilitate market research via Google Ads products for advertiser, customer, and market research. 

Does this include Google Forms?

No. Google Forms is a separate product and has no plans to discontinue at this time.

Can I still access my data?

You can access and download all historical data until December 1, 2022. If you have a large volume of surveys you want to download, you can request a bulk list using the contact form here.

Can users get a refund for incomplete Surveys?

Yes, refunds may be requested using the Google Support form at

Will Data Studio reports import historical Surveys data?

No. Data sources of historical surveys will no longer be available after December 1, 2022. Users can download results from or export your Data Studio Report data. 

Can coupons still be used for Surveys? 

Yes, coupons will continue to be accepted until Suveys and Survey360 are sunset on Nov, 1.

Is the Google Opinion Rewards App also going away?

No. Google states they are still committed to measuring consumer insights, and that the Google Opinion Rewards App will continue to be offered.

I am a Publisher, how does this affect me and my earnings?

As of Dec. 1st, the Google Opinion Rewards for Publishers will no longer serve new surveys on websites. No action is required, but publishers may remove existing code that displays surveys at any time.


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