10 Key Points from Ad Ops All Stars Podcast with Admiral CEO Dan Rua

Why should publishers care about NRR, ARPU, visitor journey's and VRM?

These and many more questions are discussed when Jason Dobrzykowski, host of Ad Ops All Stars, sat down with Dan Rua, CEO of Admiral recently.

Admiral: The Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) Company has a big vision for the industry, and a laser focus on the tools needed by publishers to manage revenues and sustainability during sea-change disruption.

Listen to their podcast episode now on Spotify:

For those that want some  hints of topics covered in the 48 minute conversation...

10 Key Things to Know about VRM, Admiral, and Visitor Relationships

  1. What does Admiral's mission "Saving the free internet, one publisher at a time" mean? Saving from what? Why one pub at a time? How does Admiral integrate the mission with their team?

  2. Helping the publisher industry understand the value of embracing core SaaS metrics, such as lifetime value (LTV), ARPU (Average Revenue per User), CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs), and NRR (Net Revenue Retention).

  3. How Admiral's core team, and CEO, came from a background as publishing pioneers in the streaming music industry, and what it taught them.

  4. Why the publishing industry was unprepared for the perfect storm of privacy regulation, ad blocking, and the death of cookie targeting. What tools, team alignment, and processes are needed to focus on personalized visitor relationships that lead to optimal ARPU.

  5. How Admiral's commitment to Customer Love translates to publisher value.

  6. What type of publisher was Admiral's first customer, and what lessons were learned?

  7. The importance of understanding tone and building a great visitor experience, when building a dialogue and relationship with each visitor.

  8. How some publishers backed into a Frankenstein approach to visitor journey needs, vs Admiral's horizontal platform where all of the visitor states and actions are recognized and managed by a single intelligent platform, one vendor, and one consistent and aware UX.

  9. On live-streaming publisher/customer feedback to the entire Admiral team, across Product, Customer Love, Sales/Marketing, and the Executive team.

  10. What smart industry veterans does Dan recommend for a future Ad Ops All-Stars podcast?

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