Survey: Adblock Users Pay for Digital Content - Would Pay for Ad-free Experience

One of the more interesting traits regarding adblock users is the fact that a majority of them pay for some form of online digital content. Whether it's a streaming video service such as Netflix, or subscribing to their favorite news website, a large amount of adblock users support their favorite content through monetization.

Chart - Adblockers Pay for Online Subscriptions

This debunks the notion that adblock users' goals are to simply have a free online experience and gives light to their true objectives. Online users install adblock extensions for many different reasons. A significant percentage even report they weren't aware adblock was turned on, or they did not install or enabled the adblock technology themselves. In a majority of cases, we find that adblock users are unaware of the risks they pose to free content providers, and many show a willingness to pay for an ad-free experience to their favorite websites.

Adblocker Survey Chart - Most popular content subscription model

Publishers should recognize that many adblockers value good content and are open to a variety of engagement options. Nearly a quarter of adblockers surveyed were open to a 6-12 month ad-free digital content subscription if given a discount. A visitor relationship platform can help publishers quickly test offers, pricing, and subscription time frames. Monetizing adblock users would not only increase revenues in the short term but deepen relationships with these highly engaged visitors.

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