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Did you know 41% of Millennials will be using adblockers in 2017?

Imagine your 9 year old daughter comes up with the brilliant idea to sell more cookies for her Girl Scout troop by opening up a lemonade stand. By giving away free lemonade, she hopes to attract a larger audience to sell her cookies. Now imagine as soon as she opens shop, the neighborhood bully comes by, sees the crowd, and decides to profit from your daughter's hard work by grabbing the order forms and holding them hostage. He tells your daughter that she'll have to pay him $1 for every order she fulfills or else he'll throw away her forms.

The situation described occurs in the digital space every second of the day, your daughter = content publishers, and the bully = adblockers.

For those uninitiated, here’s a helpful overview on adblock: Adblockers are costing publishers, from giants such as Facebook to modest Adsense supported blogs, billions of $USD in advertising revenue. Although industry research speaks to the macro problem, data specific to your property, including the type of content you publish, your ad formats, and the demographics of your visitors, is needed to determine the best solutions.

A recent study published by eMarketer estimates 27.5% of the U.S. population (75.1 million) will be using adblockers in 2017. Yet a staggering 41.1% of millennials (A18-34) are projected to use adblockers this year. Content verticals also factor into adblock usage. Internal data from Admiral’s (outbound to homepage) Measure tool finds that the average blocking rate on technology-focused sites is 24%, and gaming website revenue losses can be as high as 65%!

With so much at stake, adblocking is becoming an existential crisis for many publishers and the free internet as a whole. Publishers need real-time information, to understand and engage their adblocking audience and to make smart, data-driven decisions.

The first step in recovering your advertising revenue starts with adblock analytics, down to the ad impression and dollar level -- how big is your adblock bully? Admiral offers the industry’s most advanced adblock analytics -- for free -- to help publishers make data-driven decisions to recover the revenue they’ve earned by creating great online content.

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