Adblock Analytics: How to Measure Adblock Losses and Potential Revenue Recovery

The demand for adblock analytics for publishers has grown in recent years as the rate of adoption of adblock extensions grew globally. Much of the internet has been supported by ad-driven websites  for years. Millions can surf nearly unlimited content for free, because ads were paying for the cost of content creation, servers, staff, etc.

Worldwide adoption of adblockers exploded in 2014, and has been as high as 47% of internet users. An Adobe study estimated adblocking results in revenue losses of  over $40 billion per year. No ad-funded website has been immune, and the losses continue to grow. In the wake of this impact, publisher adblock analytics were developed to provide the detailed information pubs need to make informed decisions about revenue objectives.

What is Adblock Analytics?

Adblock analytics refers to a set of metrics that track the impact of visitors using technology to block ads. A good adblock analytics dashboard can show web publishers the number of ad impressions blocked over time, revenues lost vs recovered, adblock users by device type, and more.


What can you learn from adblock analytics?

  • View revenue lost due to blocked ads
  • See total blocked ad impressions, or adblock rate, by custom time frame
  • See site visits and page view stats by adblock users vs non-users
  • See adblock use by device, browser, OS, or geolocation
  • View recovered adblock revenues, (when used with a revenue recovery solution)

Example dashboard views from Admiral Adblock Analytics

KPI at a glance. Revenue recovered. Adjustable  date range. Mobile vs Desktop.


Graphically track recovered revenue and blocked ads, by percent or total number, over time range. View by page views, Impressions, Visitors, or Engages.


View data details in table view and export by custom date range.


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How many people use adblockers?

eMarketer Adblock Adoption - Reuters Institute Data

Can adblock analytics tell me how much revenue is lost to adblockers?

Yes. Although most adblock analytics providers and DIY detection efforts only provide a rough estimate of how many visitors are using an adblocker, some adblock specialists like Admiral offer detailed analytics, down to the visitor, pageview, impression and revenue level.

This is critical information to understand the full impact of adblockers, because knowing a general visitor-based block rate doesn't account for the different consumption patterns of adblockers. For example, adblockers typically consume more pageviews than non-adblockers, so using an analytics platform that measures blocked pageviews and resulting revenue fully captures the total revenue impact on your site. Additionally, some DIY methods, such as custom configurations with Google Analytics, can be blocked themselves by tracking blockers.

What are the benefits of Admiral’s Adblock Analytics?

  • Airtight attribution
  • Complete adblock analytics solution for FREE
  • Up in 5 minutes: one-tag installation
  • Superior adblock detection across dozens of extensions
  • Intuitive dashboard for quick business insights
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Immediately quantify ads blocked and revenue recovery opportunity
  • Segment by device, browser, and more
  • Easy data export

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How do I get started with Adblock Analytics?

  1. Sign up for a free Adblock Analytics account.
  2. Install one line of javascript in the <head> of your site.
  3. You’ll see results in your dashboard within a few hours. That’s it!

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