Admiral Endorses Google Adblock Best Practices With Launch of Engage Upgrades

New York, NY, June 6, 2017 - Adblock revenue recovery specialists Admiral has launched the next release of their visitor engagement module Engage, with the goal of empowering publishers with even more creative options to engage adblock users and recover lost revenue.

These new product features parallel recently published Coalition for Better Ads research from Google and supports their guidance to DFP publishers that; “There are many ways to work with people who block ads on your site, and they all start with engaging with them directly.”

Already the industry’s Gold Standard in permission-based adblock revenue recovery, Admiral Engage provides a DMCA-based access control platform that offers the industry’s most configurable approach to growing visitor relationships and recovering adblocked impressions. Engage allows publishers to design, configure, and launch highly customizable campaigns that engage adblock users with high quality creative and messaging to allow ads and support quality content.

“Since its introduction last year, Engage has become a best-in-class recovery solution for many of our clients,” says Dan Rua, CEO. “Engage campaigns consistently deliver high whitelist conversion rates and most importantly, generate the highest CPMs in terms of recovered impressions. In fact, with the right message and engagement, we’ve had publishers recover more than half of their lost revenue within a week”.

Engage offers publishers options on how they’d like to communicate with visitors, including new smart paywall features such as design templates, frequency settings, rollout pacing, A/B testing, enhanced copyright access controls, and even worldwide translations to deliver the right message to the right visitor. “A one size fits all transactional pop-up doesn’t work when it comes to successfully communicating with so many different audiences,” says Michael Yeon, VP Marketing. “Demographic and psychographic variables in addition to crafting brand centric messaging requires creative flexibility, and that’s what Engage Templates are designed to deliver”.

This platform upgrade continues Admiral’s mission to save the free internet by providing true Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) for publishers. “These changes are driven by client feedback and internal data collected from thousands of real world publisher installations” says Rua. “We’re excited about this launch and supportive of industry best practices like those published by Google, that emphasize transparent engagement over surprise ad reinsertion to reach a sustainable value exchange between content creators and visitors”.


Admiral is the industry’s most advanced analytics and adblock revenue recovery platform to help premier web and mobile publishers size their adblocking challenges, engage their users, recover lost ad revenue, and strengthen relationships with their audiences. Admiral’s module is free for select publishers to size revenue losses down to the impression and dollar. Admiral’s Engage, Recover, and Transact modules are available with a performance-priced guarantee: publishers only pay when revenue is recovered. Interested publishers and partners are encouraged to visit


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