Admiral Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) Milestone: 300,000,000,000!

Don Don | June 18, 2019 | Admiral News, VRM articles

We’re excited to share a pretty cool milestone at Admiral. We just recorded the 300 billionth impression managed by our VRM platform. We would like to thank the thousands of digital publishers who have installed Admiral and trusted us with their most important asset -- the people who visit their sites and value their content.

We help publishers worldwide, across content verticals, grow visitor relationships, and whether you're an enterprise-level premium publisher, a growing nimble mid-tier publisher or the passionate long-tail; thank you, gracias, merci, grazie, arigato, xièxiè, danke, thanks.

According to Numbermatics, 300B is a pretty big fact, counting from 1 to 300B would take about nineteen thousand and seventy-eight years!

Given the opportunity to learn from that many impressions and visitor interactions, this milestone means over 2 trillion bits of intelligence, training our VRM platform on the kinds of relationships and experiences visitors like, don't like, disclose, keep private, block, consent to and pay for. We're growing the world's largest store of intelligence focused on visitor relationships, fueling deeper insights for adblock recovery, GDPR/CCPA privacy consent, per-site subscriptions, multi-site subscriptions, metered paywall software, email newsletters, social follows and more. That means Admiral VRM can help you deliver better UX with fewer vendors, more effective engagement, smarter subscription pricing, better ad experiences, privacy-by-design and, overall, treat visitors like...people.

Relationships Matter.
Visitors are people, not statistics.
Grow Relationships and you Grow Revenue.

On that note, our relationships with you, the publishers and visitors we serve, matter to us. So, again, thank you for trusting us and celebrating with us.

Here's to our next 100 billion together!

UPDATE: Our server/reliability team has made it known that those 300 billion impressions and 2 trillion "bits" of VRM intelligence equate to 80TB+ of storage....gosh the numbers keep getting even bigger. So, here's to our next 10TB together!

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