BeelerCast: 10 Reasons Why CBA Chose Admiral to Drive Better Ads Pilot

The pilot program for Better Ads Certification is a win-win for publishers, driving consumer awareness, immediate revenues, and improving the visitor experience.

In this BeelerCast,  Rob Beeler explore how publishers can become Better Ads Certified, and why the Coalition for Better Ads worked with Admiral to create awareness and drive/measure results. His guests are Neal Thurman, Director of Coalition for Better Ads / Brand Safety Institute, and Dan Rua (CEO of Admiral); Rob is founder and CEO of Beeler.Tech.

To listen to the full 30 min podcast:

  1. Don’t keep your improved ad experience a secret

    1. Neal discusses the great work that pubs and the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) has done to improve the ad experience for consumers, but suggests there wasn’t a focus on consumer awareness for the Better Ads Standards.
    2. Surveys suggest consumers are largely unaware of the improvements the Better Ad Standards have driven, and this has a direct impact on revenue opportunities, according to Dan. The partnership with Admiral was to leverage a broad, configurable visitor engagement tool to help educate visitors on site improvements in ad experience while also driving revenue from that awareness change.

  2. Adblockers can be completely blind to your ad quality improvements. 
    1. Dan shares insights from Admiral’s leading adblock revenue recovery experiences. Often pubs are unaware of the stark difference their site holds when ads are blocked.
    2. If you have improved your ad experience, an adblocker may not be aware of the effort.
    3. Let Adblockers know you listened to concerns, and invite them to reconsider the value exchange.

  3. Partnership in a nutshell: How CBA and Admiral team up to drive awareness and revenue for publishers. 
    1. Survey Adblockers to assess their sentiments about a Better Ads site designation.
    2. Pilot: Publishers can sign up for a pilot where their users are made aware that the site has been certified with the Better Ads designation, and are invited to whitelist the site, to allow the full ad stack to once again be viewable.
    3. Admiral will track the metrics for engagement, conversions, and revenue gained. Each publisher will have their own dashboard to monitor the ongoing results.
    4. Pilot signup:

  4. 44% of Adblockers say they are willing to allow ads from a Better Ads-Certified site.
    1. Admiral runs the largest real time adblock survey in the world, with thousands of responses to any adblock or digital consumer question. Admiral worked with CBA to come up with a set of questions around consumer awareness of the better ads standard.
    2. In particular, respondents were asked if a site was BetterAds compliant, would that make the user more likely to whitelist that site and accept the ads there?
    3. 44% of respondents said they would be willing to allow ads from a Better Ads-Certified site. That’s a significant potential lift t.
    4. The survey results also confirmed that there was low awareness by consumers of the Better Ads Standards and their impact on ad experiences across the web. In fact Admiral had asked a similar question 3 years prior, and found higher awareness then, before most sites had completed their improvements.
      CBA-Admiral-survey for Better Ads Certified Sites

  5. A pilot that drives immediate revenue
    1. Tying the Better Ads Certification campaign to immediate revenue recovery can help drive the conversation internally, and overcome concerns of ornery stakeholders.

  6. Consumers are at an inflection point to change behavior.
    1. The initial reaction to past “bad ads” has waned and the early explosion of adblockers has slowed (though still a sizeable number.) Consumers are now open to publishers that can prove they have listened and taken steps to improve the ad experience.

  7. How to take part in the Better Ads-Certified pilot:
    1. Register for the pilot program at:
    2. CBA choose Admiral as the most robust adblocker engagement platform in the industry. The engagements are 100% configurable for look and feel, and targetable.
    3. After running the pilot, Admiral will compare the stats to validate if visitors in fact behaved as their survey responses suggest, growing whitelist rates and ad revenue.

  8. It’s a conversation-to-conversion, not a one-time ask
    1. Many publishers think of implementation as a hard ask pop-up, are you in or out, and that works for some. Others require more touches and exposure to the message, maybe across 3+ visits, to feel the time is right to give ads another chance on a particular site.
    2. Admiral has some customers that have created up to 7 step messaging to share the value with visitors leading up to a decision to re-allow ads.

  9. Getting Certified as a Better Ads site is simple
    1. Go to and click Register Now
    2. Indicated that you wish to be a voluntary member. Its’ free.
    3. On the form sites can attest they adhere to the Better Ads Standard, which are fully explained on the CBA website.
    4. CBA will visit your site and confirm compliance, and the pub will get added to the CBA program registry. CBA will periodically review the site to confirm it continues to warrant Better Ads Certification.
    5. Neal: “We will go to your site. We will look. If you’re compliant, you’re compliant.”

  10. The Better Ads Certified pilot is a Win-Win for publishers
    1. Publishers deliver a better site experience for their visitors and they end up unlocking new revenue.
    2. Early indicators suggest that the Better Ads Standard monetizes significantly better than other ad quality standards out there. Admiral will gather and share more data around this from the pilot.

To listen to the full 30 min podcast:

Visit to register for the Better Ads - Certified pilot program.

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