Publisher Network Achieves Record Adblock Recovery With Admiral Engage

New York, NY – March 15, 2017 – For the past six months, anti-adblock company Admiral has partnered with Vertical Health, an online leader in trusted health news and information, to help the publisher recover revenue lost due to adblockers. The campaign became a record-setting adblock recovery case study, successfully leveraged Admiral’s proprietary Engage module, which is designed to help publishers connect and communicate with adblock users and enable permission-based adblock revenue recovery.

The industry’s most configurable IAB DEAL platform on the market, Engage focuses on optimizing the user experience to achieve maximum recovery of a site’s most valuable ad impressions. With three primary modes of paywall engagement, Soft, Gated, and Hard, publishers have the option to control the nature of their appeal.

Admiral deployed multiple campaigns across Vertical Health’s network of sites, testing a variety of paywall configurations, imagery, and messages to convey the importance of advertising revenue to fund free, quality content. This resulted in the sites experiencing a 55% recovery rate during the campaign, with some daily recovery rates exceeding 70% -- the highest adblock recovery rate reported in the industry to date.

Results from the Vertical Health campaign also mirrored what Admiral found in a February 2017 survey of adblock users, revealing that more than 80% of users prefer a permission-based path to recovery instead of surprise ad reinsertion. These findings are also consistent with policies voiced by major agencies such as GroupM.

“At Vertical Health, we cherish every professional and consumer who trusts us for their health news and information,” said Brent Phelps, COO Vertical Health. “Like most publishers, the funding for in-depth health articles, news and research reports, case studies, quizzes and all of the other content we generate every day comes primarily from advertising. We’ve been using Admiral Engage on all our properties since Q3 2016 as we saw the rate of adblocking increase on our properties as it has across the internet. Across the board, we started seeing month-over-month recovery of previously blocked impressions, simply by making the ask to our users. The combination of putting our audience first and asking nicely via Admiral Engage, has helped us to decrease the number of blocked impressions.”

Vertical Health’s results support the premise that users weren’t blocking because of the publisher’s quality of advertising. Rather, users likely installed adblockers because of other sites they visited, but were willing to support great content when asked by a site they trusted.

“Publishers like Vertical Health that deliver a high quality user experience can unfortunately suffer collateral damage from a terrible experience consumers have with another site, driving adblock adoption,” said Dan Rua, CEO of Admiral. “The encouraging news is that by engaging users, letting them know you hear them and care about ad quality, publishers can yield significant gains through whitelisting.”

Since coming out of stealth with the largest anti-adblock venture round in 2016 and growing to help thousands of publishers worldwide, Admiral has quickly emerged as the “Gold Standard” for implementing the IAB’s DEAL framework for adblocker engagement.

About Admiral

Admiral is the industry’s most advanced adblock analytics and revenue recovery platform to help premier web and mobile publishers size their adblocking problem, engage their users, recover lost revenue and grow their audience relationships. Admiral’s Measure module is free for publishers to detect adblock and recover ad revenue losses down to the impression and dollar. Admiral’s Engage, Recover, and Transact modules are available with a performance-priced guarantee: publishers only pay when revenue is recovered. Interested publishers and partners are encouraged to visit Admiral.

About Vertical Health

Vertical Health's mission is to provide both patients and healthcare professionals (HCP) with accurate, timely, and meaningful information across our portfolio of premium health properties. The medical field is constantly changing and we offer physicians and patients the latest news and research and thorough, actionable health information. We nurture engaged audiences across major condition categories and leverage audience insights and data to power marketing campaigns that drive positive ROI for Vertical Health clients.

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