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Admiral Launches Self-Serve Plans For Adblock Revenue Recovery

New York, NY, December 11, 2017 - Admiral, the world’s leading adblock revenue recovery service announced today the launch of its new self-serve platform and pricing models. Designed to speed up the onboarding process, Admiral Self-serve offers digital publishers of all sizes and needs, instant access to the company’s adblock analytics and recovery solutions.

“Revenue loss from adblocking is a time-sensitive issue, publishers are losing money in real-time” says Admiral CEO Dan Rua. “We launched Admiral Self-serve to offer fast, seamless access to our modules so publishers can start recovering ad revenue the same day they find us”.

The new self-serve feature allows publishers to select from four different plans: Free, Basic, Advanced, and Pro. The Free plan gives publishers access to Admiral’s world class adblock analytics module, Measure, while the remaining three paid plans gives publishers access to Admiral’s modules for an easily-deployed paywall management, paid digital subscription growth, email newsletter list growth, social follower growth, and a GDPR /  CCPA compliant Consent Management Platform (CMP).

Pricing scales based upon the size of a publisher’s traffic and number of sites within their organization. Admiral self-serve offers both flat rate and revenue share pricing options — and no-risk free trials for every self-serve plan. Explore Admiral pricing and self-serve plans.

“Admiral serves over 16,000 (as of 2019) publishers worldwide, so we’ve gained great perspective on what publishers across the spectrum are looking for (and what works) in regards to an adblock solution” says Rua. For publishers looking for a more customized package, Admiral still offers the industry’s most comprehensive white-glove Enterprise solution.

To celebrate the launch of Admiral Self-serve, Admiral is announcing a special “Speed to Recovery” promotion. Publishers that sign-up with one of Admiral’s paid self-service plans during December are challenged to go from sign-up to revenue recovery as quickly as possible. The client that goes from signup to recovering their first dollar in the fastest time will earn 30 days of free recovery.

“Given that every second without recovery is more lost revenue, signing up and installing an adblock recovery solution should be as simple and quick as possible” says Rua. “Admiral is currently the only adblock recovery company that allows publishers to select a plan, enter a credit card number, and start engaging users to recover adblock revenue within an hour”.

Admiral is the industry’s leading analytics and adblock revenue recovery platform, helping premier digital publishers detect and size their adblocking challenges, engage their users, recover lost revenue, and strengthen relationships with their audiences. Admiral’s Measure module is free for publishers to size revenue losses down to the impression and dollar. Admiral’s paywall subscription management, email list growth, social follow growth, and privacy consent modules are available with guaranteed performance and fee-based pricing options, or an All-in-One enterprise price. More publishers trust Admiral products to recover adblock losses and drive visitor subscriptions than any other. Interested publishers and partners are encouraged to find out why at

Michael Yeon
VP, Marketing

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