Visitor Relationships in a Post-Cookie World: Insights from Britannica, RawStory, Admonsters

Preparing for the death of third-party cookies was the hot topic at a recent Admonsters' PubForum+ virtual event. In one session, panelists discussed the efficacy of building visitor relationships to drive revenue optimization as the key to preparing for a cookieless future and discovering the win-win value exchanges that matter to visitors and publishers.

Panelists included:



Below are sample topics and insights from the full 18 minute recorded session.


Experiment with Audience Engagements

When 3rd party cookies are shut down by Google, there may be some temporary pain and panic, and some advertisers may flee to the walled gardens of Facebook and Google. But they will come back, suggests Gavin Dunaway of Admonsters. He encourages publishers to experiment and look broadly at an array of tools and tactics that may prove value, from contextual partners, to identity capture, leveraging first-party data, and more.

Registration walls can allow publishers to see what users will pay in terms of real cash or what they might offer in the way of personal data and permissions. "Really work on your value exchange (with visitors), and how you offer it," suggests Dunaway.

Visitors Will Engage When the Right Value Proposition is Shared

John Byrne and Catherine Beattie both share stories of graduated engagement campaigns with their users, from successful starts with adblock recovery and whitelist asks, to donation campaigns and paid subscriptions for premium or ad-free experiences.

Encyclopaedia Britannica was amazed at the generous donations that came in from an ask with no specific amount requested. 


Byrne shares how paid subscriptions rapidly went from zero to 5-10% of Raw Story's overall revenues.

Panelists Share Lessons Learned

The process of building the value exchange for their growing paid subscription channel helped focus on the editorial product as a whole and allowed them to truly understand why all users, not just subscribers were consuming their content.

In a world with so many moving parts to revenue optimization, there's a tangible value to operating multiple functions and features under a single umbrella which is a hallmark of Visitor Relationship Management.

Catherine Beattie shares how easy it was to install Admiral's single tag and rely on a single universal dash to manage everything from adblock recovery to donation programs.  As their use of Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) grew, she had access to the full suite of modules and features without ever needing to re-engage their dev team.

"An opportunity to minimize my dev team's involvement is practically a critical KPI these days," shared Beattie.


The full recording offers much more insight into real experiences, as well as case study data for a variety of publisher implementations of Admiral Visitor Relationship Management (VRM)..

Get more insights from the session here:
How Top Publishers Use VRM to Prep for the Death of Cookies

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