Admiral Integrates OpenAI’s GPT into Visitor Engagement and Revenue Automation

Don Don | February 21, 2023 | Admiral News, AI

AI-Powered Engagement grows conversion rates and revenue for site owners

News and media publishers can now leverage Generative AI that Generates Revenue™ via Admiral’s Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) platform. Admiral has announced the integration of OpenAI’s GPT engine within the visitor engagement layer of their VRM platform for publishers.

“Admiral VRM now unlocks the power of Generative AI to grow new revenue for media publishers, not just save content-creation costs. Admiral’s intelligent visitor journey builder now automatically drafts conversion-optimized messaging based upon multiple factors, such as page context, value exchange offers, desired sentiment, and more,” says Dan Rua, CEO of Admiral. “It’s point & click easy, so we like saving busy publishers’ time, but the conversion increase for paywalls, adblock recovery, email capture and more is where the AI magic really shines for CROs, adops, audience, and revenue owners.”

Context and Sentiment-Guided Offers
Automated CTA offer generation allows the publisher to choose from over a dozen copy sentiments, such as funny, authoritative, or sympathetic. Intelligent messaging also leverages the site’s overall audience and content category, as well as on-page context. 

Future enhancements also leverage visitor and segment-level 1st-party data to deliver the right message, to the right visitor, at the right time.


Admiral has unique experience in the visitor engagement and conversion space, and this launch builds upon VRM’s existing machine-learning foundation. The VRM platform brings marketing automation to thousands of media publishers and solves challenges across the full visitor journey.

VRM now offers industry-first AI-Powered adblock revenue recovery, paid subscriptions, email capture, social follows mobile app downloads, privacy consent, and more.

Revenue Optimization on Auto-Pilot
“The AI offer and message generation was just the beginning,” says Michael Yeon, Admiral’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “As good as GPT is, there’s no substitute for testing and analyzing the data. The second booster of our AI-Powered Engagement engine offers intelligent A/B testing on autopilot. The optimization intelligence constantly evaluates the performance of each AI-Powered journey, iterates new messages and repeatedly promotes the best. The result: ever-optimizing visitor relationships and revenue for media publishers.”


The addition of Generative AI into Admiral’s pioneering VRM platform comes on the heels of Surge Targeting, a machine-learning feature launched last year. Surge targeting monitors web traffic spikes from popular, viral or breaking stories and triggers unique offers to capitalize at the right time for max conversions.

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Admiral is The Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) Company, helping thousands of publishers worldwide target, engage, and grow first-party relationships with their visitors to increase revenue and prepare for post-cookie monetization. Admiral’s AI-Powered VRM platform includes registration walls, paid subscriptions, donations, adblock recovery, GDPR/CCPA privacy consent, and more.

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About OpenAI
OpenAI is a research organization dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence in a safe and beneficial way. OpenAI conducts fundamental research, releases cutting-edge AI tools and models, collaborates with other organizations, and engages with policymakers and the public on AI policy and ethics. OpenAI’s unique business model allows it to pursue long-term research and development projects while also generating revenue from its cutting-edge AI tools and services.

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