Publishers Grow Visitor Relationships Beyond Ads With Admiral Transact

NEW YORK, NY Nov. 15, 2017 -- Admiral helps publishers establish new value exchanges with adblock users

Admiral, the world's leading adblock recovery service announced today, exciting new upgrades to the company's Transact module. Admiral Transact is the industry's first fully-configurable Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) platform that enables publishers to interact with their adblock users with the goal of redefining the value of a visit.

Transact empowers publishers to leverage ad-free access to grow visitor relationships through offering adblock users a choice between whitelisting a site or agreeing to a specified value exchange. With the recent upgrade, publishers can now offer adblock users the option between whitelisting or engaging their brands across social media, from Twitter (follow) to YouTube (subscribe).

When Transact launched earlier this year, publishers could offer monetary and non-monetary value options for ad-free access. For example, they could engage adblock users and communicate the options of whitelisting or subscribing to the publisher's email newsletter in exchange for 7 days of ad-free access. The results exceeded expectations, recovering max-CPM revenue, and gained thousands of email sign-ups within the first week of launch. Since then, some creative publishers tested the waters with custom VRM offerings tailored to their KPIs, including charitable donations, sponsored sessions, and paid subscriptions.

"Admiral's team comes from a digital publishing background, so we understand that there's value to an audience beyond eyeballs for impressions" says Dan Rua, CEO. "Transact offers publishers the opportunity to grow visitor relationships, and new means to earn value from a portion of their traffic that they couldn't monetize before".

​The VRM strategy behind Transact is actually built on feedback from adblock users themselves. Admiral operates the industry's largest panel of adblock users, and conducts targeted surveys 24/7 to help publishers better serve this unique segment of visitor. According to Admiral's research:

  • It may come as a surprise that 76% of adblock users surveyed by Admiral agree that publishers have a right to monetize their content with advertising.
  • Approximately 63% say they'd be willing to offer alternative value ranging from email newsletter subscriptions, social media engagement, taking a survey, downloading an app, to interacting with a select advertiser's campaign if it earned them an ad-free browsing experience.
  • More than 66% of adblock users surveyed said they would pay for a monthly digital subscription in lieu of seeing ads.

"Online publishing has been largely powered by an ad-supported business model that still funds most of free content we continue to enjoy today" states Rua. "However, it's evident that this model will need to evolve in order adapt to changes in consumer behavior as we move into the future. Admiral's platform helps online publishers address the immediate need to detect adblockers, size and solve their adblock losses, and Transact is designed to help them explore new value exchanges and grow stronger relationships with their audience for years to come".

Source: Admiral Engage Survey Results Q3 2017

Admiral is the industry's leading analytics and revenue recovery platform, helping premier digital publishers size their adblocking challenges, engage their users, recover lost revenue, and strengthen relationships with their audiences. Admiral offers publishers free adblock analytics to size revenue losses down to the impression and dollar. Admiral's Engage, Recover, and Transact modules are available with a performance-priced guarantee: publishers only pay when revenue is recovered. As a result, more publishers trust Admiral products to size and solve their adblock losses than anyone else. Interested publishers and partners are encouraged to find out why at


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