Beyond Copywriting: 11 Ways AI  Drives Revenue for Media Publishers

Don Don | November 03, 2023 | VRM articles, AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in a transformative era for news and media websites. While its prowess in generating engaging content is widely acknowledged, AI's impact goes far beyond copywriting. In this blog post, we'll share eleven ways AI can impact the bottom line for digital publishers, and do much more than facilitate content creation.

Like Gutenberg's impact on the industry, which extended far beyond just the printing of books, AI in the publishing industry is far more than copywriting and content creation. It is creating ways to increase traffic, readership, and revenues. It is helping publishers build timely and meaningful relationships with readers and users. It builds relationships that would otherwise be too complex and costly to maintain, even for the largest publishers.

Eleven Ways AI Can Drive Revenue for Media Publishers


  1. Enhanced Audience Insights: AI-driven analytics delve deep into user behavior, interests, and engagement patterns. Publishers can use this data to refine audience segmentation, enabling advertisers to target specific demographics more precisely. This personalized approach increases the effectiveness of ad campaigns and subsequently boosts revenue.

  2. Real-time Traffic Intelligence and Automation:  machine learning tools like Admiral's Surge and Popularity Targeting identify in real-time pages with spiking traffic, or which are most popular across a configured time frame. The feature can then automatically trigger unique conversion events to visitors of those pages, at that time.

  3. Intelligent Journeys and Segmenting: Knowing where a reader is in their buying journey, what products they have explored or not, what content they prefer, what content subscriptions they have, which ones are social followers of the brand, which visitors allowlisted their adblocker for the site, and more.

  4. Subscription and Paywall Strategies: AI can help publishers identify which content resonates most with users, aiding in developing effective subscription and paywall models. By offering premium content to users who are most likely to convert, publishers can enhance subscription revenue.

  5. Automated Ad Placement: AI tools optimize ad placements for maximum visibility and click-through rates, boosting ad revenue.

  6. Personalized Content Recommendations: AI-powered content recommendation systems analyze user behavior to recommend tailored content, increasing engagement and ad revenue. Publishers can capitalize on this prolonged engagement by strategically placing sponsored or recommended content, generating additional revenue opportunities. (Drive PV via recommendations, more newsletters, and more social followers). 

  7. Predictive Analytics: AI's predictive capabilities allow publishers to forecast trends and identify content likely to attract high traffic. Publishers can strategically align their content creation and distribution with these predictions, attracting more visitors and driving up ad impressions, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

  8. Dynamic Pricing Strategies: AI can analyze supply and demand factors in real-time, allowing publishers to implement dynamic pricing strategies for ad inventory. This ensures that ad space is sold at the most profitable rates, maximizing revenue based on current market conditions. (leverage A/B test automation?)

  9. CTA Offer Generation and A/B Testing: Using Admiral's engagement AI, publishers can use generative AI to generate revenue™. Using Admiral's built-in ChatGPT integration, the platform can generate CTA offer messages, with awareness of the content taxonomy, and set for the desired sentiment (i.e. humorous vs authoritative). Then, the system can automate an A/B test of two such generated offers, determine the winner per conversion rate, and then spin up a follow-up test to keep iterating improvements.

  10. Improving Search Ranking via AI for SEO:  AI-powered SEO tools are becoming essential for improving search rankings and increasing online visibility. These tools can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, helping publishers make data-driven decisions to optimize their websites. AI can identify trends, keywords, and user behavior, allowing publishers to tailor their content and strategies for maximum impact. 

  11. Fraud Detection: Fraud Detection powered by AI has become an indispensable tool in the digital advertising landscape. As online advertising budgets continue to grow, so does the prevalence of ad fraud, which can lead to wasted resources and diminished ROI for advertisers. AI systems are proficient at scrutinizing vast amounts of data to uncover fraudulent activities such as click fraud, impression fraud, and fake traffic.

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