How Admiral Makes it Easy for Small Publishers to Grow Visitor Revenue

Don Don | November 13, 2023 | Admiral News, VRM articles

At Admiral, we understand the challenges that smaller publications face when it comes to implementing robust visitor revenue strategies such as paid subscriptions or adblock recovery.

That's why we are excited to share how our technology, uniquely codeless and developer-friendly, can be the perfect fit for your publication's needs, ensuring a swift and efficient launch of new visitor revenue, engagement, or consent management solutions.

How Admiral Helps Smaller Publishers Grow Revenue Quickly 

1. Fast and Easy Implementation:

  • Admiral quickly launches publishers, typically within a week, and can even launch a campaign in 24 hours from signup. Out-of-the-box features, intuitive reporting, and a streamlined plan empower quick action.

2. Codeless Launch:

  • Admiral's implementation requires a simple web tag that can be added to your site in minutes. The web tag unlocks a user-friendly app, allowing you to navigate through features without coding expertise.

3. No budget, no problem!

  • Admiral's revenue share model means no budget required. Risk-free guaranteed net revenue gain. 

4. Effortless Configuration:

  • With simple point-and-click options, you can set:
    • offer type: subscription, donations, adblock recovery, newsletter signups, etc
    • offer messaging, and branding
    • targeting and segmentation, including presets and AI-automation
    • visitor engagement frequency and metering
"It was super easy. It's one piece of script, and once it's on, whatever additional products I choose to participate in it's active immediately. An opportunity to minimize my dev team's involvement is practically a critical KPI these days." - AdOps Director of a high-traffic educational content site

5. Support from Admiral's Customer Love Team:

  • Our Customer Love team is committed to your swift start, leveraging insights gained from assisting other publishers.

6. Admiral Helps Small Publishers Have a Big Impact

A sampling of additional objectives Admiral has helped small publishers achieve:
    • digital subscription migration for publishers with pre-existing subscribers
    • pairing print and digital subscriptions,
    • driving app downloads,
    • managing multi-site bundled offers,
    • offering ad-free passes to drive conversion events
    • providing the combo of Full Stack Whitelisting plus Acceptable Ads adblock recovery,
    • ensuring consent compliance with EU/GDPR and the Global Privacy Platform for US region.

In summary, Admiral's technology is designed to be a game-changer for smaller publications seeking a hassle-free and cost-effective path to grow revenue. The codeless implementation, coupled with fast and easy configuration, allows you to focus on what matters most—delivering quality content to your audience.

Our team is eager to discuss how Admiral can specifically cater to your publication's needs.

Please schedule a time that suits you for a brief call or demonstration.

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