How to Unlock Revenue from Adblocked Video Ad CPM

In 2021, digital video advertising is expected to generate more than $22 billion in revenue in the US alone and $37.4 million globally. The market for digital video advertising continues to grow at a pace faster than any other form of marketing spend. 5G technology with faster mobile speeds will only increase video consumption, which leads to even more opportunities for publishers.

Video ad CPM offers some of the best revenue potential for publishers. Comparing video ads vs display ads, it’s not unusual for video ads to attract double or even triple the rates that display ads get. Premium publishers may even command higher rates

Yet, if users can’t see video ads, publishers are unable to monetize the audience. As more consumers deploy adblockers, it’s costing publishers more than $35 billion annually in lost ad revenue.

If you're doing video ads and not using Admiral to recover blocked video revenue, you're doing video ads wrong. If you’re settling for ad reinsertion alone to recover some of your lost advertising dollars, you’re also missing out.

Is Ad Reinsertion the Best Answer to Blocked Video Ads?

Ad reinsertion is a process originally driven by the developers of adblocking solutions and continues to drive revenue their way. It proposes that it's giving some of the blocked revenue back to publishers, but publishers should recognize it's for a specific subset of ads, not including the some engaging high CPM options. 
It’s sold as a way to recover a fraction of the money publishers lose to adblockers. In truth, the publisher loses in a variety of ways:

  • The Acceptable Ad program does not include video ads, which bring in premium CPMs and perform at a higher rate. Ad reinsertion can’t recover those dollars.
  • Larger publishers pay a license fee to be part of the AA initiative. This reduces publisher margins on advertising. It further helps fund adblock vendors to develop more ways to block ads, circumvent publisher paywalls or disrupt a fair publisher-visitor value exchange.
  • Ads served are neutered with CPM's more similar to remnant inventory. They are less targeted, do not generally allow for rich media, animation, overlays, interstitials, or other methods that can attract higher CPMs

There’s a better way to approach adblockers and keep your high CPM ad units. Engage visitors, unlock their adblock to benefit from your ad stack and/or other reader revenue funnel options.

Admiral Can Recover Premium Video CPMs

Admiral politely asks users to turn off their adblocker before accessing content. This visitor engagement module is a highly effective way to get visitors to pause adblockers when visiting your site. This unlocks the visitors and lets you serve the higher CPM and better-performing ads that meet your standards. Surveys have shown that over 30% of visitors with adblockers either didn't know, or didn't install the adblocker on their browser. Many are happy to turn it off to support their favorite sites, if asked.

When you can get people to pause their adblockers, they will see your video ads and any other ads you want to deliver rather than relying on a third-party to determine which ads should be served.

An Admiral survey of adblock users showed that 76% agree that publishers have the right to earn revenue to pay for their online content. If you have content visitors want to view, it’s sometimes as easy as asking them to whitelist your site. In the same study, more than two-thirds said they would be willing to sign up for an email newsletter, engage with your site on social media, take a survey, install an app, or pay for monthly digital subscriptions instead of seeing ads.

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Best of Both Worlds: Reinsertion Plus Visitor Engagement

The good news is: you don't have to choose.
Admiral can set up publishers to run ad reinsertion and visitor engagement to unlock all ads (including video ads, rich media, larger sizes), at the same time. In fact Admiral recommends it. With just one tag, one vendor, one consistent visitor experience, you can unlock every visitor open to supporting the website, and still be running ad reinsertion in the background for those that do not. Admiral can deliver both with a single tag, as well as provide the dashboards to see the details and revenue return from both.


Video ad CPMs are some of the highest premiums of any ad format. If you’re a publisher relying on video ad CPM as part of your revenue stream, you can’t afford to lose 20% to 30% of your video ad views that ad reinsertion alone can't recover.

For more detail about the adblock recovery topic, best practices, adblocker surveys, methodology, and more, check out the Adblock Revenue Recovery Guide for Publishers.


Adblock Revenue Recovery Done Right

Admiral’s anti-adblock technology is a core component of their Visitor Relationship Management solution for digital publishers. The technology is the best in the market to detect when a visitor is using an adblocker. It lets you immediately engage with users asking them to whitelist the site or agree to ad reinsertion. Publishers can block access to site content based on predefined conditions if users do not agree to terms, or just provide soft reminders on a schedule.

Anti-adblock technology from Admiral also lets publishers offer alternate means to support the website, such as paid subscriptions or donations, from a visitors first point of entry, or based on a schedule of visits over time.  Publishers can also ask for email signups or social media connections in exchange for accessing site content.

These methods help retain ad dollars while respecting visitor choice. For high-CPM video ads, Admiral is clearly the best approach to recover blocked revenue. One tag, easy install, right offer, right time, to maximize ARPV.

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