Key Webinar Insights: VRM 101 - Local Media Consortium and Admiral Partnership

Local Media Consortium and Admiral, the Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) company for publishers, recently kickoff their partnership with a Q&A Webinar. The webinar also includes an adblock revenue recovery case study exploring the selection process, deployment, and quantified results for Advance Local media group implementing Admiral’s VRM solution. We’ve broken up the webinar into snackable video segments of the LMC and Admiral presentation, so you can quickly explore (and share!) the topics quickly. For those preferring the full context and flow of the 44 minute webinar, you can view it here.

Visitor Relationship Management 101

Runtime 5:13

What is VRM?
What are the key components of visitor relationship management and how do they compare to the previous status quo?
Dan Rua, CEO of Admiral explains and shares the vision for a horizontal, easy-to-implement marketing automation solution built on the need for publishers to have first-party relationships with their visitors. Dan explains how the “Relationship = Revenue” concept addresses publisher multiple publisher needs to achieve maximum ARPU.

By connecting behaviors and data across the visitors journey, for consent, subscriptions, donations, adblock recovery, social follows, and more, Admiral provides a digital experience platform to drive higher ARPV for publishers.

Publisher Results: Digital Subscriptions and Revenue Recovery

Runtime 6:38

Dan presents results from a variety of publishers with varying objectives:

  • Bored Panda - Ad-lite recovery case study (consent based ad-reinsertion)
  • and SuperHeroHype - Using an ad-free offering to drive email newsletter subscriptions and social follows on Twitter
  • WRAL - Capitol Broadcasting launched paid, multi-priced digital content subscription offers within 24 hours with Admiral, creating a new revenue source. A good rapid-implementation and digital subscription case study.
  • Raw Story Group - Paid multi-site subscription bundling across three political content properties, as well as 75% ad revenue recovery results, has made VRM a core monetization strategy and revenue driver for RawStory. 
  • UPI - Privacy Consent managed to GDPR compliance so UPI could open EU traffic to all revenue and engagement options.

Admiral Background & Growth

Runtime 2:37

Dan Rua walks through the genesis of Admiral’s expertise, product growth, customer growth, and industry leadership. Discusses the lessons from thousands of publisher implementations and over 800 billion measured ad impressions, underscoring the diverse nature of publisher and visitor objectives today.

About Advance Local | David Rowley

Runtime 3:00

David Rowley,  Sr. Director of Customer Success and Ad Platform Strategy (at the time of posting), provides background on Advance Local, the 9th largest media group in the US with over 50 million monthly uniques. David discusses the nature of Advance Local’s key media groups, and the needs ranging from hyper local, regional, and national presence. Advance Local is a Local Member Consortium member.

Advance Local Q&A: Platform Selection Process

Runtime 3:51

David provides background on AdvanceLocal’s original status with a competing product for recovering ad blocked revenue. He discusses the creation of an exploratory task force and transitioning to Admiral’s platform for driving digital subscribers and optimizing revenue.

Advance Local Q&A: Rapid Deployment Experience

Runtime 2:06

David shares Advance Local experience with deploying Admiral, their focus on UX and avoiding tag bloat, and working with the Admiral “Customer Love” team.

Advance Local Case Study: Results and Performance of VRM Platform

Runtime 2:34

David shares the results of revenue recovered via Admiral VRM, and how it compares to their previous solution. David also shares insights regarding recovered visitors delivering 40-50 percent greater ARPU than the average.

High Engagement & Doubling Recovery Rates | Admiral Insights

Runtime 1:16

Dan Rua adds insights gathered from across the Admiral network and in the Advance Local implementation, regarding better-than-average engagement and how “smart engagement” can double recovery rates vs other methods.

Reasons Advance Local Recommends Admiral

Runtime 1:45

David highlights the key reasons Advance Local recommends the Admiral solution, including one-tag ease of deployment, customer support, best practice and insight sharing, immediate results, higher recovery rates, and Admiral’s commitment as a partner in their success.

Q&A: How does the Admiral Platform Integrate with an Existing Paywall

Runtime 1:06

Dan answers a publisher’s question on how the Admiral platform would implement and work for a publisher that already has a paywall, with visitors in subscriber and non-subscriber status.

Getting Started: Three Steps to Maximum Recovery

Runtime 1:30

Dan walks through a three step approach for digital content publishers to maximize visitor revenues, from the free one-tag installation, to immediate recovery with smart engage, and then optimizing for digital subscriptions, privacy consent, and more.

The above video segments do not contain the full context and insights of the full 44 minute webinar, including the general terms of the Local Media Consortium and Admiral partnership terms. We recommend viewing the full webinar below:


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