Milestone: 800 Billion Ad Impressions Protected with Admiral VRM

At 6:41am of June 14, 2021, on the website, Admiral’s Visitor Relationships Management (VRM) platform recorded our 800 billionth digital ad impression monitored and protected for publishers across our full network.

We greatly appreciate the thousands of publishers who have installed Admiral’s one-tag VRM solution, entrusting us with their most precious asset, the visitors that enjoy their content. Admiral’s platform provides visitor relationship management to publishers worldwide including major media enterprises, publisher networks across content verticals, mid-tier and regional publishers, and passionate niche content sites. (See FAQ: What is Visitor Relationship Management?)

A key part of our VRM marketing automation includes free monitoring and protection for pageviews, ad impressions, and revenue. Admiral provides the revenue analytics for free, with a simple copy-paste of a tag on a publisher’s website.


Within minutes, pubs can then have their own dashboard monitoring impressions, adblocked ads, block rate by device, recovered revenue via Admiral’s adblock recovery, and more. For publishers wanting to enhance their visitor relationships and revenues, the VRM platform becomes their primary end-user communication layer,  driving paid subscriptions, donations, free site registrations, visitor consent management, social media follows, and more.

How big is 800B?

According to Numbermatics, it would take fifty thousand eight hundred and seventy-five years years to count to 800B, without stopping for sleep or bathroom breaks!

In addition to ad impression monitoring, Admiral’s VRM platform includes over 6 trillion bits of intelligence. Admiral is growing the world’s largest store of intelligence focused on visitor relationships, behavior, experience, privacy choices, engagement timing, and more.

These signals fuel deeper insights around visitor preferences for site and multi-site subscriptions, pricing, metered and dynamic paywalls, email signups, donation campaigns, and more. The end result is better visitor UX and maximized ARPU and LTV, with fewer vendors, smarter pricing, and consent-based value exchanges.

Relationships Matter.
Engage with Visitors.
Grow Relationships and you Grow Revenue.

On that note: Our relationships with web publishers matters to us. We love hearing from and serving our customers, partners, blog subscribers, and social followers. Thank  you for trusting us and celebrating with us.


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