Mobile App Ad Standards Announced by Coalition for Better Ads

Don Don | November 02, 2021 | better ads

New ad standards for mobile apps were announced today by the Coalition for Better Ads. The coalition has previously put forth Better Ads Standards for desktop, mobile web, and short-form video, and have seen broad adoption by the industry.

The Coalition for Better Ads was formed to develop standards to improve the ad experience globally to meet consumer expectations, and includes leading media companies and ad industry trade associations. Coalition Members include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, News Corp, Group M, Admiral and others.

While developing the new set of standards, the CBA surveyed 45,000 consumers across seven countries.  The survey's identified four types of experiences as least preferred by consumers:

  1. Interruptive Interstitials
  2. Interruptive Video Interstitial
  3. Non-Skippable Interruptive Video Interstitials
  4. Video Interstitials When Opening an App

Read the full Coalition for Better Ads press release on mobile apps ad standards.

Coalition for Better Ads Certification

The Coalition's Better Ads Experience Program certifies publishers and ad experience vendors that  comply with the Better Ads Standards. The Program's online list of certified companies helps advertising partners identify entities that apply the Standards. 

Publishers who do the work improving their ad experience to be Better Ads-certified and engage blockers with Admiral, experience revenue recovery rate improvements as high as 64%! 

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