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Webinar: How Publishers Build Visitor Relationships to Drive Revenue and Subscriptions

(Edit 9/10: Webinar has been delivered and recorded. Video segments of key insights can be found here: Key Publisher Insights)

Can't miss free webinar on how digital publishers can leverage Admiral's 1-tag, easy-to-install solution to manage adblock revenue recovery, implement paywalls and paid subscription programs, manage privacy consent, and drive email acquisition and social growth.

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 27, 2019, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Eastern

The webinar features execs from Admiral, the Visitor Relationship Management company, and AdvanceLocal, the US-based media group reaching 50 million readers monthly. The webinar is sponsored by the Local Media Consortium, representing over 3300 media outlets. LMC has selected Admiral as a recommended technology partner for solving the intertwined visitor/revenue challenges of adblock recovery, privacy consent, and digital subscription growth.

Three things you can learn from this one-hour webinar and client case study:

  • Why LMC chose Admiral as best-in-class for all its members.
  • How installing a single JS tag can size revenue growth potential and unlock revenue growth opportunities for publishers within an hour?
  • How AdvanceLocal ad recovery strategy achieved 6X revenue growth over other solutions with almost zero dev lift? (and reduced their on-page tech footprint

Edit: Discreet video segments from the webinar recording can be viewed here: Key Publisher Insights

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