3 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Adblock Recovery & Increase Revenue NOW

Admiral’s Engage Module is a high-powered access control platform fueled by a state-of-the-art targeting and segmentation engine, designed to get the right message, in front of the right user, at the right moment.

There’s so much more to Engage than a simple tool to detect adblock users to ask them to allowlist your site. Here are our top three tested and proven strategies you can implement to increase conversion rates and recover even more revenue from adblock.

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3. Get Creative With Your Creative:

Admiral’s Engage Module allows publishers to configure the look and feel of their Engage modals to incorporate their visual branding. In addition, the publisher can edit the copy to mirror the tone and voice of their editorial product.  Take advantage of this, get creative, and have fun because no one understands how to connect and resonate with your users better than you do!

The positive outcome of your Engage message is to get users to whitelist your site. Some publishers find success in outlining the value exchange IE “Ads support the quality content on this site”, others take a more technical approach IE “We’re detecting an adblocker, to access the full functionality of this site please disable your blocker”.

Feel free to test a variety of configurations, and monitor conversion results in your dashboard.


However you’d like to approach your users, make sure that the message is in-line with how your brand communicates with them in general. Incorporate humor where appropriate or even add imagery. In the end think about yourself as the Creative Director of your very own ad campaign!


2. Get Smart About Smart Engage:

Smart Engage is the recommended default optimization setting for Engagement based Adblock Recovery campaigns. Unique to Admiral’s solution, this innovative feature is built on the premise that not all adblock users behave in a homogeneous fashion. Some will elect to whitelist after the initial ask, others will decide to whitelist only when no other option is present.

Instead of simply using the same approach each and every time you engage an adblock user, by changing up the sequence of how a user interacts with the Engage message (IE allowing continue paths vs. requiring whitelisting to proceed to the content) you’re giving users “pause” to take in the CTA and digest what you’re asking them to do.

Benefits of using Smart Engage:

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Properties using Smart Engage average a 30% recovery rate.
    (check out one of our Revenue Recovery Case Studies)

  • Timing is Everything: By giving adblock users the option to dismiss the whitelist CTA a select number of times before requiring them to disable their blocker to access content, the publisher is affording themselves the best possible opportunity to convert users on both ends of the spectrum.

  • Intelligent Targeting: In addition, adblock users with greater brand affinity (based on the fact they’ve visited the site multiple times previously) are more likely to react positively when whitelisting is required to access content.

Screenshot from Admiral VRM platform showing plentiful targeting options:


If you’re an Admiral customer currently using our Engage Adblock Recovery Module, you can instantly reconfigure your settings to utilize Smart Engage. Make this simple optimization today to immediately increase your recovered revenue!


1. Join #WhitelistWednesdays:

Every Wednesday, hundreds of Admiral’s publishers take part in an automated ritual setting their Journeys to run a Hard Engage for all blockers (an Engage message that requires ablock enabled visitors to whitelist their site to proceed onto the content) for a 24hr period.

By simply requiring adblock visitors only 1 out of 7 days of the week to disable their blockers to access content, participating publishers on average double their conversion rates and gather valuable data on this type of user experience.

In addition to the single day increase in performance, the residual effects of so many visitors whitelisting the site adds a revenue tail even after Engage settings are returned to their normal configuration.  Lastly, #WhitelistWednesday offers solidarity among publishers, helping each other via network effects, because the more often all publishers share how allowing ads funds free content, the more visitors allow ads across multiple sites they visit.

Similar to the methodology behind Smart Engage, Whitelist Wednesdays creates that “pause” during the consumption experience to truly take in what the publisher is asking of them. At the end of the day, the best relationships are built through good, respectful communication, and at Admiral we believe its relationships that ultimately drive revenue.

Edit: Admiral just launched new AI-driven Surge Targeting and Content Popularity targeting features. Imagine a system that recognized when an article is going viral, or has extra heavy traffic, and can automatically redirect specific CTA offers while the traffic is surging.

Find out more about how publishers can use Surge Targeting to ramp revenue faster.


For assistance on how to try any of thabove-mentioneded optimization features, let us know in our chat box in the lower right corner of this page or reach out to your Admiral Customer Love account manager or email customerlove@getadmiral.com.


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