Admiral Launches GDPR Compliant Consent Management Platform (CMP)

NEW YORKMay 30th, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Admiral announced today that the company will make its CMP+ Privacy Consent Management Platform available for all publishers looking for a CMP solution that delivers more than just consent management.

(Update June 21, 2023: Admiral is a Google-certified CMP provider and was one of the first IAB TCF-approved on the market.)

Previously only available to select publishers and networks, Admiral's Consent Management software is designed to help publishers achieve GDPR compliance, protect visitor privacy and integrate seamlessly with the company's existing revenue recovery tools to grow revenue post-GDPR.

Admiral Consent is the first blocker-aware CMP and one of the few available designed under the IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework that can manage both IAB and non-IAB vendors alike (including Google). Key features include:

  • One CMP to handle both IAB and non-IAB vendors
  • Single tag installation, with built-in blocker monitoring
  • Configurable messaging and consent types to maximize transparency and conversion
  • Targeting and segmentation including location-based and site-specific traffic
  • Reporting to help monitor conversion tracking and GDPR revenue impacts
  • Cross-platform support including mobile web
  • Flexible pricing options with real live experts to speed network rollouts
  • Ad revenue recovery to reverse GDPR-related losses after May 25

"Compliance is the first step towards GDPR readiness, and our Privacy Consent solution can get this done quickly," says Admiral CEO Dan Rua. "Step two of GDPR readiness is executing a strategy to overcome GDPR-related revenue losses". According to research conducted by eMarketer, 54% of EU respondents would opt out of receiving tracking cookies, and 49% would opt out of seeing retargeting ads.

See also: FAQ for Privacy Consent Management

"GDPR effectively changes the 'free content for data' value exchange that's been funding the Internet for decades," says Rua. "However under the new rules, publishers can still maximize revenue streams or activate new ones by optimizing consent, offering paid subscriptions or supporting memberships via a registration wall solution, unlocking adblock recovery, and more".

"There is a unique synergy between our adblock recovery experience and GDPR compliance — ironically, the IAB CMPs we've reviewed are getting blocked by aggressive blockers without users even realizing it," according to Rua. "Blocking a single CMP domain can wipe out consent for the full network of publishers using that CMP.

In addition to millions in lost revenue, this situation could impact GDPR compliance. Our goal isn't to just raise publisher awareness about this, but to provide the industry's first blocker-aware CMP+ solution."

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