6 Reasons Admiral is the Best Adblock Revenue Recovery

Adblock has caused significant revenue losses for online publishers. The 2022 US adblocking rate was around 33% leading to revenue losses in the tens of billions. Publishers are actively seeking the best anti-adblock solutions to counteract these losses, recover ad revenue, and minimize the impact of adblockers on their websites.

When considering adblock recovery, you should consider various dimensions, such as total net revenue recovered, the number of adblockers detected, ease of implementation, quality support resources, targeting and segmentation, and reporting dashboards.  

This article highlights why Admiral is the best adblock recovery solution for publishers. 

1. Highest Revenue Recovery in the Industry

Admiral recovers more revenue than any other solution available by unlocking your fully optimized ad stack.

Publishers spend time, expertise, manpower, and resources to generate as much revenue as possible from their ad offerings. The Acceptable Ads (AA) standard can only deliver a limited, ad-lite experience. 

In addition, high-value units and formats including video ads, can not be reinserted as AA does not allow certain ad types.

In head-to-head comparisons, Admiral surpasses its rivals by a whopping 9 times in Page RPM (revenue per thousand pages) when using AA alone.


With Admiral, you don’t have to choose. Admiral uniquely offers multiple ways to recover adblock revenue, both full-stack and via Acceptable Ads, for optimal yield management for the adblocked inventory. 

With a rev-share pricing model, you get guaranteed net revenue and no upfront costs.

2. Easy to Implement: One Tag, Installs in Minutes

Admiral anti-adblock can be implemented quickly, allowing adblock recovery setup in minutes. Publishers can start measuring block rates and recovering revenue on day one.

A single tag unlocks a platform of point-and-click options to drive the highest recovery.

Listen to how the rollout went for Advance Local:

3. Superior Detection, Messaging, and Innovation

Admiral leads in continuous adblock monitoring, emphasizing robust adblock detection across major adblockers, and leveraging multiple proprietary anti-adblock techniques.

Innovations include:

  • Highly configurable visitor messaging and CTA’s
  • AI, machine learning, and automated A/B testing integration
  • Robust options for message frequency, timing, and filtering.
  • Target by real-time traffic surges, popular pages, and more.


4. Outstanding Customer Support: Our Customer Love Team

Admiral’s 'Customer Love Team' is a difference-maker for publishers. 

Admiral offers:

  • A dedicated account manager for prompt assistance during onboarding, setup, and recovery optimization.
  • Multiple communication channels (chat, email, phone) for your convenience.
  • Support for publisher’s site visitors with questions about whitelisting their site.
  • Swift resolution of concerns within the shortest possible time.
  • An accessible knowledge base with how-to videos and step-by-step guides.

What does "Customer Love" mean to Admiral?


5. Actionable Adblock Analytics and Reporting

Admiral reports on key metrics such as conversion rates and block rates to help test and improve creative and messaging to drive the best results for your adblocked audience.


6. Maximize Recovery with Value Exchange Offers

Publishers can grow additional revenue streams by providing adblock visitors with alternative ways to support the website.

Leverage Admiral features to quickly grow newsletter signups, secure registrations, request donations, boost subscriptions, improve social engagement, boost app downloads, and more.

There are dozens of ways publishers have offered value exchanges with Admiral’s tool set. Here are a couple of examples:

Publishers can offer win-win choices between allowlisting or a paid subscription:

Paid Subscription or Disable Adblocking Offer

An easy option to offer limited-time ad-free content in exchange for signing up for email newsletters or following on social channels:

premierguitar ad-free or allowlist offer

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Managing adblock recovery in-house can divert your focus to address the ongoing cat-and-mouse tactics of adblocker developers.  If Build vs Buy is an important consideration, check out this Admiral vs In-House DIY anti-adblock solution.

Admiral has developed extensive expertise and innovation across thousands of publisher implementations. We’ve tracked over a trillion ad impressions and are familiar with audience questions, reactions, and conversion triggers. Leverage the best adblock recovery solution for media publishers.

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