The Ultimate Google Chrome Adblocker Mega Post

The Google Chrome Adblocker is LIVE: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What if every one of Google’s billion plus users of its market leading Chrome web browser had an adblocker? Now they do.  As of February 15th, adblock in Google Chrome becomes a reality that needs to be understood and addressed by the world’s digital publishers and advertisers.

Traditional 3rd party adblocker usage has seen rapid growth in recent years with no signs of slowing down resulting in billions of dollars of lost ad revenue for publishers worldwide. Last summer, when Google announced that a future update of Chrome will automatically block certain ads by default, the industry began to speculate on intent and subsequent effects.

On February 13th, Chrome VP, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury released a brief, official statement that offered a glimpse into Google’s vision behind a Chrome adblock solution: “The browser for a web worth protecting”.

Highlighted is Google’s relationship with The Coalition For Better Ads, an independent organization of publishers, advertisers, and technology platforms that lists Facebook, Microsoft, GroupM, and the IAB among its members (disclosure: Admiral is a member of the Coalition). According to Roy-Chowdhury, the Coalition served as the architects behind the criteria used by Chrome to determine which ad formats will get filtered out. The critical first step for every publisher and advertiser is to understand the Coalition’s Better Ads Standards.

Admiral hosted an in-depth webinar alongside the Coalition and a number of its key publishing partners entitled “10 Things Top Publishers Are Doing to Prepare For Chrome's Adblocker”.  The webinar deck with links, video, and transcript are below:

Click for transcript of "10 Things Top Publishers Are Doing to Prepare For Chrome's Adblocker".


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Now that Chrome’s adblocker is live in the wild, Admiral will continue to closely monitor developments, effects, and changes for publishers, users and advertisers.


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Here’s what Google had to say about the Chrome adblocker:

About Chrome ad filtering
Under the hood: How Chrome's ad filtering works



Here’s Chrome code related to the Chrome adblocker:

Leveraging EasyList & EasyPrivacy
Better_Ads filter type
Along with some examples of use in the wild by G-Squared Interactive.

Here’s what Google had to say about their Ad Experience Report for publishers:

Introduction to the Google Ad Experience Report
How do I access the Ad Experience Report?
What is an ad experience?
Which ad experiences annoy my visitors?
Why is Google doing this?
How does the Ad Experience Report work?
How do I fix the issues?


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Here are what some industry players speculate the impact of Chrome's adblocker will be"

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Here are the ad types that Google's adblocker will target:

Pop Up Ad
Auto-Playing Video with Sound
Prestitial Ad with Countdown
Large Sticky Ad
Intrusive Video Ads that are too long, take up too much space, or interrupt short videos
Pop Up Ad
Presitial Ad
Ad Density Higher Than 30%
Flashing Animated Ad
Auto Playing Video Ad with Sound
Postitial Ad with Countdown
Full Screen Scrollover Ad
Large Sticky Ad
Intrusive Video Ads that are too long, take up too much space, or interrupt short videos
Also see our latest post on Chrome ad blocking rules for short video, what publishers need to know about Chrome's ad filter,  key ad blocking features, as well as our comprehensive guide for: Adblock Revenue Recovery

Once a publisher does all that work, what's the quickest way to generate new revenue from Coalition for Better Ads adherence -- not just protect existing revenue from the Google adblocker?

Don't keep it a secret -- Engage visitors to whitelist your CBA-compliant site: In a survey of over 1,000 adblock users, 3 out of 4 adblockers said they're more likely to whitelist a site once they know it meets the Coalition's Better Ads standards.
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